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1.50 What is the cost of installing air conditioning?

Q. Does anyone know what the cost of installation of air conditioning in 3 bedrooms is likely to be ? No 'clever 'answers please to obtain points. Don't bother to the windows...I live on a busy trunk road and that is not possible.

A. I bought a stand alone A/C unit this summer - was only £200 and that cools a large bedroom - in fact because it's portable we even carried it downstairs & used it on a few days in the sitting room. Also, they do not require any professional installation. Delivery was next day & hubby was so impressed he bought a couple for the offices at work. Web site is listed below - there is even a calculator to work out what BTU you need & which units are best suited to your application - I highly recommend these people.

1.20 Can anyone recommend a good air conditioning repair company in Miami? The a/c appears to be leaking freon?

Q. The split A/c is not cooling. I called a tech and he changed a capacitor, charged freon and left. It worked fine for 3 days after that once again it stopped cooling. He did not check for leaks - simply said the unit needs to be replaced.

A. See the link.

1.20 About how much does a furnace /air conditioning cost to replace?

Q. Our airconditioner has been leaking and leaving huge puddles of water on the floor from a hose attached to the back of it. The hose leads to a plastic drain pipe in the wall but its too high up and i THINK the water that is collected in this hose backs up and spills al over the floor. We just bought a BRAND NEW water heater and i dont want it rusting out but it will if i dont fix the air conditioner or set the water heater on bricks. Anyone know why its leaking and a inexpensive way to fix this? The hose is not clogged up either. I was wondering if a replacement air conditioning/heater (its combined) will cost us around 6,000 or more? Or will it be easier to fix whatevers wrong? ANY suggestions on what to look for in the back of of it or inside of it that can possibly be the cause to the air conditioning leaking and flooding the little room out. The heater works great. The air works too it just leaks when we run it.

A. The water from the air conditioner is condensation. It is normal for the water to be produced. It comes from the moisture in the air. The hose is for it to drain away. It is gravity fed, so you need to run the hose downward to a drain. It will not run upward. Find a way to drain it downward, and your water leak is solved.

1.20 Who can tell me about air conditioning parts or lead me to a good diagram?

Q. We are trying to fix the air conditioning at work (the landlord won't do anything) and need to replace some parts. We have the ducts and I have found out that the ducts are connected to the collars (male/female). The collars are then attached to a big square piece which then has the grille attached where the air goes out. Does anyone know what the big metal square piece is called? I've been looking online but so far, no luck. And if you know of any good diagrams illustrating this, that'd be great as well. Thanks!

A. You are referring to a supply air plenum. And the grill piece is called a supply register.

1.20 Central Air Conditioning Service and Repair?

Q. We moved into our new home in Sacramento 3 years ago and we enjoyed our centralized air conditioning. About week ago it no longer blow cold air we are thinking that we need repair for our Amana Air Conditioner. Do you know any good Air Conditioning Repair/Service in Sacramento? A affordable, legit company?

A. Use yelp, service magic and angies list recommend contractors who pay them. Not sure exactly what angies list charges us but I know that service magic will sell your lead to at least 3 companies for 30 bucks apiece. Guess who eats that price in the long run .

1.20 Is there a central NJ air conditioning repair company that anyone recommends?


A. Yes Air Repair Service heating & air. There phone # is 908-330-7171. They have great rates too. Here is some info. Hope this helps. Air Repair Service Heating & Air We service & Install Air Conditoners, Furnaces, Air Cleaners, Hot Water Heaters, ... Heating and Air Conditioning service, Installation.

1.20 What kind of lawyer do i need?what can be done?

Q. Hi,i had called a company named dfw air duct & carpet cleaning ,to clean my air ducts and vents,they came in on 30th november,2008.while they were here,they advised me to get the air duct treatment which includes cleaning and sanitizing the air duct,and cleaning of aupply vent.after week or so,the unit(fan) started makinh noise,first it was light noise,then it turned to lod noise,and then the unit stopped working.i called them and they said the problem is not because of their service.....then i called another ac repair services who repaired it and the technician said that the problem occured because the guys who cleaned it didnt tighten up the acrews well,and it alowly loosen up and finally broke down the fan......what should i do now?what kind of lawyer do i need........i stuck up paying almost $800 dollars in labor and parts.....

A. File a case with small claims! Ask the repair service that fixed problem based upon bad service to provide testimony of what, in their professional opinion, caused the problem. You may have to pay them for their time...but you can recoup those costs as a part of your small claims if you win your case.

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 Air Conditioning - Repair A new air conditioner can expect to give you between 10 to 20 years of service, but problems that require AC repairs will crop up casually. Most air conditioning repair problems involve minor repairs that can be done at home. For instance, you can do simple central air conditioning troubleshooting at home. If your central air conditioner runs, but fails to cool effectively, the unit may just need cleaning. Turn off the main power supply to close all power to the unit. Remove the protective cover from the condenser fins, and clean dust and dirt, vacuuming with a small brush attachment. Remove the topmost grille, and hose the fins inside the unit. Place all the parts back together, and switch the air conditioner on. If you still don't see any improvement, call an AC repair technician to perform air conditioner troubleshooting.

 AC company in Fullerton, California A unit that frequently needs AC repairs is the result of poor air conditioner maintenance. You can increase the efficiency of your unit and increase its life span by regularly cleaning the filters and replacing them. Filters that are blocked with dust and debris block the air flow, and drag down the efficiency of your air conditioner. Dust laden air may carry these particles into the evaporated coil, and affect its capacity to absorb heat. It's recommended that you get your air conditioner filters replaced, or cleaned at least once or twice during peak season. Pay more attention to your filter if your HVAC system sees heavy use or a dusty environment. If you notice water accumulation near the air conditioner, it might be the result of a leaky tube if you can locate a leak in the tube, get the tube replaced. If not, it may be a more complicated problem with the pump. Frequent central air conditioner repair problems can also occur if you have the wrong size unit. For instance, in an oversized unit, the AC may switch on and off frequently, wearing out the fan motors and compressor.

AC repairs including AC heater repair, AC motor and compressor repair and other kinds of air conditioner troubleshooting are best left to qualified professionals. Get your air conditioner repairs performed only by licensed bonded and insured Fullerton AC repair technicians. To find reliable AC repair contractors in Fullerton, just fill out the form.

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