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Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Questions
1.30 How do I clean an air conditioning unit?

Q. I have an air conditioning unit in the wall of my living room that has been permanently installed. What is the best way to clean it and the reusable filter? I just want to get the dust and crud out so it runs better.

A. Your best bet is to do an internet search based on the manufacturer and model of your AC unit. You may be able to find a user's manual that will tell you how to take apart the unit to clean it.

1.30 What is a reasonable price range to have refrigerant service done to a 2.5 ton air conditioning unit?

Q. Unit is only 5 yrs. old, not sure if I'm quoting right I had about 5lbs. of pressure they took it up to 60-70 I believe.

A. Average range $175- $250. unless there is a leak on the line. than it's more.

1.20 How common is air conditioning in Ireland?

Q. I happened to see a list of air conditioning contractors in Dublin. It was a surprisingly long list. My understanding is that it rarely goes above 21 celsius (70 fahrenheit) in the summer. It would be hard to justify the expense of air conditioning at temperatures like that. Is it humidity? Why so many people in the air conditioning business?

A. We tend to think of an air conditioner as a cooler or dehumidifier although modern air conditioners can heat and ventilate as well as cool the air in a reversed refrigeration cycle. While it is not very common to have air conditioning units in homes in Ireland, most modern commercial buildings have air conditioning. They may not be so obvious as most are installed in roof areas and operate through small vents in ceilings.

1.20 I want as an apprenticeship in an air conditioning company?

Q. I have a good experience in this field.they don't need to give me salary for 6 months salary.if possible if there is a air conditioning job vacancy please post it the first comment will be marked at best answer

A. You want to work for free for 6 months? That's nutty!

1.20 How do I stop the air conditioning from coming on automatically every time I start my car?

Q. It is a 2009 Renault Megane Coupe.The air conditioning comes on automatically upon starting and remains on until the car has heated up. This appears to increase the fuel consumption, so I always turn it off. I would rather if it didn't come on in the first place.

A. Check to see on what setting the air direction control is set to, normally if you have it set to windscreen de-misting then the air-con will come on. Ja.

1.20 Where can I find a group or network of Refrigeration & Air conditioning technicians involved in the service?

Q. Network here in the philippies for refrigeration and air conditioning technician or mechanic? Especially those whore are in the network of auto car aircon repair shop.

A. In the right section.

1.20 How do you replace air conditioning belt 87 crown Victoria?

Q. How do you replace air conditioning belt 87 crown Victoria? Please a link to a diagram would be amazing but instructions would be just as helpful! Thank you!

A. Pick-up a maintenance manual and a box of tools that's how, read over it twice first.

1.20 When to service your house air conditioning unit?

Q. How often do you need to service your home air conditioning unit, our house is two years old.

A. Once a year...springtime...

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